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Vision and Mission
Our Vision
To position Dr. Graham’s Homes as amongst the best schools in India, whilst maintaining its unique ethos as a school that cares for children, by providing them with the best standard of education and training for life. We will achieve this through our ‘Mission Statement’.
Our Mission Statement
  • To provide a safe and secure environment in which children can be nurtured and provided with a value-oriented education irrespective of caste, creed or economic status, by giving priority to academic achievement as well as opportunities for wholesome growth and development.
  • Where appropriate, to provide vocational training to suit individual needs. To provide children with advice and counsel in choosing their careers and provide assistance if necessary.
  • To continue Daddy Graham’s vision and dream of caring for needy children, including those with learning and behavioural difficulties and to inculcate  human values in children.
  • To provide assistance, through sponsorships, to children in need.
  • To ensure that our mission is achieved through skilled, qualified and dedicated staff.