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The session for Class XI students will commence from Friday-5th May,2017.All boarders to return to the boarding section on Thursday 4th May 2017 by 2:00 PM. ||| OGB's are requested to book their Raffle 2017 sheets through the office Phone No: 03552-274769
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Reverend John Anderson Graham

I had a very nice time in Kalimpong and saw with my own eyes the love of Christ that Dr. Graham had radiated to people irrespective of caste, creed, colour or nationality; it is that love that shines there still.

- Ronald Selby Wright

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The School That Looks Beyond
Dr. Graham's Homes is quite unlike any other school. Proudly safeguarding the name of its founder and his ideals, this small island of hope and love looks with confidence to the challenges ahead, never quite relinquishing the invisible threads tying it to the great dream that was started more than a hundred years ago by Rev. John Anderson Graham.
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Admissions Open
News & Events Raffle 2017 Prizes
Mr Russel B Framjee appointed as the new Cottage-in-Charge Boys. Change of date for May Fair 2017
Republic Day 2017 representatives Admission's Open for Class X
Mrs. H. Peacock former Principal DGH & BOM,DGH appointed as Director of GAISSchool Calendar 2017
Message to Dr. David Reid Syiemlieh from the President & Chairperson ,Dr. (Ms) G.HartNotifications for New Admission 2017
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